pcba standing committee
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pcba standing committee

PCBA STANDING COMMITTEES (as listed in the By-Laws)



Current Chair: Laurie Beaver San Angelo
Meets: 1st Tuesday of the Month

The Executive Committee shall have responsibility to make necessary decisions between Board meetings; to serve as a sounding board for the Executive Director; to advise and assist the President with the appointment of committee chairs, issuance of committee charges and monitoring of committee performance; to monitor board recommendations on overall adherence to mission and broader policy directives; and to develop and present to the Board information that helps measure the Association's performance. Any action of the Executive Committee must be approved by at least a majority of the members of the Executive Committee at a meeting or by written consent.




Current Chair: Natasha Wrae
Meets: Monthly

There shall be a Budget/Finance Committee charged with preparation and recommendation of the budget of the Association; monthly review and reporting according to written guidelines of the Association's revenues, expenditures, and bookkeeping/accounting procedures in a fashion consistent with good business practices; investigation of potential revenue sources; and such other tasks as may be requested by the Board of Directors of the Association. The Treasurer shall act as chair of the Committee.


Current Chair: Brick Storts III
Meets: 3rd Wednesday of the Month

There shall be a Membership Committee responsible for recommending general and overall policy, procedures and/or programs for the cultivation of new members of the Association and to coordinate, recommend and develop programs and materials to encourage and sustain membership. [Also reviews member benefits.]



Current Chair: David Dwyer
Meets: 1st Friday of the Month

There shall be a CLE Committee charged with the task of developing and coordinating continuing legal education programs for MCLE credit.


Current Chair: Terri Roberts
Meets: 1st & 2nd & 4th Quarter of the Year

There shall be a Nominating Committee charged with the responsibility to prepare an annual slate of nominees for the election of members of the Board of Directors of the Association and to nominate such persons in a manner which recognizes, among other things, the diverse nature of our legal community. Membership on the Nominating Committee shall include two members of the Board of Directors & at least three other members of the Association.



Current Chair: Hardy Smith
Meets: 3rd & 4th Quarter of the Year

There shall be a Personnel Committee with responsibility for recommending personnel policies that include active consideration of the need for diversity in employment, review of all personnel policies developed by the Executive Director of the Association, monitoring the implementation of such policies, & conducting the annual evaluation of the Executive Director's job performance. Membership shall be restricted to Directors of the Association & should include at least one member of the Executive Committee.